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On Yer Bike for Brain Tumour Research

On Yer Bike is the popular nationwide challenge event that anyone can take part in - on an exercise bike, or a spinning bike... or indeed a road bike!

Brain Tumour Research is challenging YOU to join our community of riders across the UK and make a real difference in the fight against brain tumours.

Whether you join as a team, or are taking part individually, we will plug you into our virtual network and you can track your fundraising performance on our leader boards.

Why not challenge some friends?

Go head to head to see who can cycle the furthest or raise the most to help us get closer to a cure?

First, choose the distance you want to aim for.

Next, set up your fundraising page and you can then link your fitness app - whether that is Strava, MapMyRide or Fitbit - to your page so your friends and family can see how far you have cycled.

Every ride you make is then automatically downloaded from your fitness app to your challenge page.

You can also use your fundraising page to add photos from your training, and tell your supporters how it is going.

Every mile that you cycle towards your overall total, so whether it's your spinning class, a solo exercise bike session or a long ride through the countryside, you can get closer to your target and raise more and more money for Brain Tumour Research as you go.

There are two ways to register

You can either register for On Yer Bike as SOLO (an individual) or as a TEAM.

On Yer Bike SOLO

Register for a solo mission and you may be cycling alone, but you won't ever really be alone thanks to our online community of On Yer Bikers!

Join in on social media using the hashtag #OYB2019 and see everyone's posts on our social feed. Plus, once you set up your fundraising page, you will join our fundraising leader boards.

On Yer Bike TEAM

Grab a group of friends or colleagues who wish to cycle with you - whether physically together or spread out across the country... or even the world!

Register as a team and you'll be prompted to set up individual fundraising pages so you can track your personal progress as well as how the team is doing. AND there is a team leader board so you can track who has raised the most. Don't forget to use hashtag #OYB2019 across social media.

Individual Fundraising Leaderboard

Team Fundraising Leaderboard